Autoblocking Overview

What is Autoblocking? Autoblocking is one of the most important features of Cookie Compliance. External services are implemented on websites using a variety of methods – scripts, iFrames and in some cases CSS files. When they are executed and used, they save data in the browser and/or send it to external servers. Most often the […]


Geolocation is an advanced functionality that allows you to automatically adjust the appearance and behavior of your Cookie Compliance banner depending on the location of your company/organization and where the user is visiting your website from. It can be controlled from the Consent Configuration section of Cookie Compliance dashboard. How it works: Automatic Geolocation: If […]

Autoblocking Checklist

Autoblocking is built so that it requires no coding and works automatically. However, there are cases when this does not happen. In some sites using certain plugins / setups, there are “techniques” used by 3rd parties like Google and Facebook so that any blocking mechanism leaves them unaffected.  First script on site The main technical […]