Getting Started

When you upgrade your domain through WordPress, your banner is pre-configured with Default Settings based on the latest guidelines from over 100+ countries, and emerging standards from leading international organizations like the IEEE.  Step 1 Configure your Banner Go to your Configuration page and click “Publish” now to ensure the default banner is active on your […]

Adding a Domain

By creating an account you have already added your first domain (website). But in Cookie Compliance you can add and manage as many domains as you want. Step 1 – Domain information To add another domain click the “Add New Domain” button at the top of any Cookie Compliance screen. The domain information modal window will […]

Basic vs Professional

Basic Plan Limitations The Basic plan allows Cookie Compliance to be used effectively for small websites with low traffic. It does, however, contain several important limitations. Visits limit The main factor determining the Basic plan is the limitation of the number of visits. You can use this plan if the number of visits to your […]


In order for your banner to display in the Language of your choice, you must Add a language using the instructions below. We provide default translations for the most popular languages, which will automatically populate the Languages fields once you add a new language: How to Add a New Translation o to the Languages menu in […]

Intentional Consent

Cookie Compliance banner features:  Why “Data Access Levels”? Data Access Levels fundamentally change the consent experience by motivating people to understand and control the level of data access they give to your website. We believe that when people understand their data privacy and consent choices, and the consequences of those choices, they can control who […]