Configuration Overview

Configuring your Consent Banner Cookie Compliance equips your website with a fully configurable consent banner that provides a beautiful, multi-level experience and includes new choices and controls for site visitors to better understand and engage in data privacy decisions. The Cookie Compliance configuration consists of six tabs, each with options for a specific aspect of […]

Consent Configuration

The Consent tab contains the Consent Configuration – a set of the most important settings for both you and the visitor to the website. This is where you should spend most of the time and adjust these to suite your requirements and the regulations that apply to your business or organisation. Consent Messages This block […]

Consent Message Guide

Cookie Compliance introduces an Intentional Consent Framework, the purpose of which is to clearly and comprehensibly communicate to your website visitors the choice they face regarding their data access level. Data Access Levels Visitors of Cookie Compliance integrated webties are provided with three (3) equal choices that represent different configurations of consent. The goal of […]

Customizing Banner Design

Improve your site visitor’s experience and capture more positive consents by customizing the banner to align with the design of your website. See below for more detail on banner animation, color and font sizes: Banner Position Allows you to specify the display position of the banner on your website. Available options are: Revoke Icon Position […]

Consent Metrics

Consent Metrics in the Cookie Compliance banner contains important information on your site visitor cookie consent and blocked and allowed third-party services. On the Consent Metrics tab in the configuration section, you can specify the text strings used in this part of the banner. Consent Metrics consists of the following options:

Privacy Paper

The Cookie Compliance banner includes an extensive educational section on privacy. It is called the Privacy Paper. A visitor to your site can therefore not only determine their consent preferences, but also learn about their privacy rights and understand the choice they face. On the Privacy Paper tab in the configuration section, you can specify […]

Privacy Contact

Allows you to provide contact information for a business’s data privacy admin, as well as helpful links to external data privacy resources. The URLs under Privacy Contact can be used to provide helpful links to your site visitors. “Your Data Rights”: If your site has a dedicated page where visitors can exercise their data rights under […]