Consent Logs Overview

When a visitor to your site responds to a displayed banner and sets their consent, it is recorded simultaneously as a in two places – in the user’s browser and in the Consent Logs of Cookie Compliance application. While the user’s consent stored in the browser can be deleted by the user at any time, […]


Consent logs help you comply with Proof-of-Consent requirements in the GDPR (Article 7, Recital 42) and other data privacy regulations. These requirements say that if your website collects data on site visitors, including anonymized data for analytics, you are required to maintain a record that proves a site visitor consented to certain processing activities.  Cookie […]

Export Format

Cookie Compliance export format is based on current work to establish a compliant consent record structure from International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC 27560).  moc method of collection (moc) describes how the consent was collected; field value for consent collected via the banner is preset to “web form”; other values like “implicit”, […]